Video Content Trends In 2019

It is not by any shock that the popularity of the video is continuing to develop in the worlds today. The advancement of the app and mobile technology has made the art of video content to make a drastic change in how video content is delivered, consumed and the likes of Google, Instagram and Facebook posting it and rendering YouTube unpopular these days. Most essentially is that video production preferences over other content types have to grow with the customers making it very important to the brands and marketers?

The video content industry is projected to a million minute of video per second that is crossing the internet, and over 80% of the whole consumer’s web traffic will always be a video by 2020. To be ion top constantly, the following are the trends of the video content that is expected through the year 2019:

Increased Instagram and Facebook Video Ads

Over the last two or so years, the pattern of increased Instagram and Facebook ads may be familiar to most marketers, brands as well as consumers. It is for this reason that the trend is supposed to be hammered home in the entire 2019.

Today, Facebook alone is enjoying over 2.4 billion active users daily. On the other hand, Instagram has hit over one billion users on a day. A survey was taken by the social media examiners concerning the marketers and realized that most of the marketers are planning to boost their Instagram and Facebook ads in this year as compared to another platform such as YouTube and so on. As such, it is apparent that Facebook and Instagram have the most potential while possessing the most competition.

The Vertical Video

Today, the vertical video has a veiled itself whether or not you love it. The massive development of the Instagram stories is one of the giants that point gat this vertical video trend. The feature of the app has seen a tremendous growth to over 400 million from merely 250 million users in 2017. The direction and the growth show no signs of decreasing hence more are expected to come.

After gaining popularity from snap chat and taken over vertically by Facebook and Instagram, with the likes of YouTube adding on the mix, the trend is booming the video content industry in 2019. It is just in 2018 that Instagram made their first launch of the IGTV to help to make their first place for a long form, vertical only visual content.

When the TV was still in its latest stages, it was destined to become a new trend and standard within two or so years. This has also named Instagram to overcome drastically the likes of YouTube which are currently not performing to the marketers and brand expectations.

The More Long-Form Video Content

The more long-form video content tends to offer value to the audience who are targeted by being informative and entertaining and at times both as it ties into the message of the brand that is in place as well as the product of the brand.

It is because of the value that makes people eager to watch the video that is almost 3 to five minutes or even more. In most cases, this is considered to be important a more extended commercial. The footage can range from the internal teams in the company engaging in a product walk through to the popular unboxing video trend. It is most cases involve an influencer opening the product for the very first time to help in demonstrating and review of the product.

The review and demonstration video may take the fan behind the scenes to enable them to understand more concerning their favorite brand. However, it may be a short movie at times that is majorly created with the entertaining and artistic motivation that will help to integrate a brand into a story in a creative way.

The mailChimp’s wi-finder is an excellent example of such a trend. It is a collection of five-minute videos which are set in various global cities. It tends to link up with every kind of entrepreneurs as well as local workers who are seen to have the potential or already does benefit the production of the MailChimp.

The Bottom Line

Every time a new marketing technique gets into the mainstream, the influencers are concerned about how well they will conduct their activities and avoid being rendered their significant impact on society. However, with the current video trends that include the increased usability of Instagram and Facebook, the effect of the influencers is seen to lessen with time. Everyone has become them, and the ads automatically do the job on behalf of the marketers. As such, technology has denied all the influencers their mandate. If you are looking to do video content, ads can automatically do it, and the above trends are super.