Our Guide To Stopping the Annoying Retargeting Ads

After you visit a website of an online seller, you immediately start seeing ads from that website wherever you go on the internet. Whether you visit social media such as Facebook, or you check your emails, these ads will be messing around you. This is what we call ‘retargeting’. The merchants simply ‘retarget’ you with advertisements for their products related to your interest.

Retargeting is an effective marketing strategy employed by most online sellers where the customers view ads based on their interests and online activity. These ads are particularly visible to those who viewed a product on a retailer’s website but left without purchasing it.


Top Ways To Stop Annoying Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads help the online businesses to hold their customers by reminding them of their products of interest. Nonetheless, these repetitive ads can be irritating too, especially for the dedicated customers.

If you are also tired of viewing these annoying retargeting ads, then scroll down to view some of the best methods to stop these ads from chasing you.

1. Use Incognito Mode

Incognito_logoMake it a habit to browse the internet in ‘private’ or ‘Incognito Mode’. This will prevent the websites from saving cookies to your device.

Nonetheless, if someone is targeting your IP address, then this trick may remain ineffective.

2. Clear Your Browsing Data

When those frustrating retargeting ads start to barrage you, clear your browsing data and cookies. Either you can clear the entire browsing data to get rid of all traces of websites you have visited, or you can choose to manually remove individual website cookies or your browsing history of a particular time span.

3. Disable Cookies

A quick and long-lasting trick to avoid retargeting ads is to disable cookies through your browser’s settings. Nonetheless, disabling cookies may affect your browsing experience, as most websites oblige you to accept cookies.

4. Install An Ad Blocking VPN

VPNs have always helped the victims of online privacy breaches. If you install a good ad blocking VPN to your device, you can not only stop retargeting ads from chasing you but can also enjoy anonymous browsing.

5. Use A Private Browser

Using a private browser is an all-time effective strategy to end your worries regarding the internet security and privacy. Private browsers, like Tor, ensure that you remain entirely anonymous, regardless of the website(s) you visit. However, accessing and using these browsers is a bit difficult for the public. These browsers are also unsafe for the kids, as they have no filtering for the dark web.

Summing Up

You may be okay to view the ads for the products of your interests as you surf online. Yet, having too much of them will eventually frustrate you. The above-mentioned methods will help you stop these annoying retargeting ads. Besides, if you want a more secure and anonymous web browsing experience, using an ad blocking VPN will be the best option for you.