Online love, how trustworthy is it? How to notice? How not to be deceived

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Online dating has become a common practice in today’s society. Those who have found true love are very lucky. However, the problem that people who like to find partners in this way must learn about is the danger of falling victim to fraud. Some people may be tricked into believing that they have true love, but realize too late that they have been tricked by scammers into transferring money or assets. The important thing is to be very careful and learn how to spot scammers because falling victim to these people can have serious consequences. Today, we will introduce girls who are looking for love through online channels. Let’s check out what kind of love indicates that you are being tricked.

Online love, how trustworthy is it? How to notice? How not to be deceived

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Online love scams are hidden dangers that harm women of all ages. The methods used for deception vary, but the whole cycle usually leads to money fraud or fraud of personal information for transactions. Which will have similar characteristics in every process as follows:

1. Approach to make love

Creating fake online profiles is a common form of fraud on social media. Fraudsters use other people’s photos and post pictures of their daily activities. Using fake company or workplace names to make themselves look more professional. Some even steal other people’s photos and profile information to show that they are attractive, successful, and wealthy. In order to deceive others. They must carefully create and hide in the shadows of social media profiles, observing and collecting information about the victim’s thoughts and feelings.

This information is then used to customize their profiles to match the target’s preferences and interests. They will then start approaching, chatting, and building relationships based on the pretense. They will also search for the victim’s personal and financial information. Which they will use to their advantage in the future.

2. Deceive with sweetness

Once contact has been established, the manipulation strategy will take various forms. Which may include sending sweet messages, flattering words, and paying attention to the target, both morning and night. The goal is to make the victim feel important by carefully and quickly building a relationship, using sweet words. This ยูฟ่าเบท cycle can last for as little as two to three days, or it can last for years, depending on the victim’s patience. It is important to be aware at all times and always verify the source of the person you are talking to.

3. Tricking people into believing

When the victim starts showing signs of weakness, the scammer will enter the stage of creating a situation or deceiving them to elicit sympathy and hope from the victim. Followed by asking for money, such as urgent financial problems, needing to pay for the parents’ medical expenses, tuition fees, being cheated in business, accidents, buying airline tickets or visas for meetings, etc.

If you don’t want to fall victim to scammers, before looking for love online. You should learn and understand the behavior of these people well. Be observant. When a real problem occurs, you will be aware, ready to deal with it, and dare to report to the police quickly. Including issuing a warning so that others do not fall victim as well.