Grading Liverpool’s players in the Carabao Cup Round 4 game, the Reds almost died, shooting over in the second half of the first leg – Player Ratings

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Curtis Jones and Cody Gakpo scored two goals to help the Reds narrowly beat Fulham in the first leg of the Carabao Cup quarter-finals.

Grading Liverpool's players in the Carabao Cup Round 4 game, the Reds almost died, shooting over in the second half of the first leg - Player Ratings

Liverpool player ratings

Queen Kelleher – 7
There was nothing wrong with this game. There weren’t many moments when he was able to make a save. The conceded goal was too close to do much.

Virgil Van Dijk – 6
returned to the field as a starter with a poor form in the first half where he made a mistake that caused the team to lose a goal. He also received a yellow card so quickly that his tackles were not fully effective throughout the game.

Ibrahima Konate – 7
is the one who plays the ball from the back. Push up high to help connect the game in the middle of the field. There were some beautiful tackle moments.

Joe Gomez – 6
Still active at left-back. Today the role is not outstanding. Heavy on helping connect the ball in the middle of the field most of the time.

Corner Bradley – 8
unbelievably outstanding performances as a starter in the right-back position. Dare to raise, dare to fight. There are beautiful game-making moments seen throughout the game.

Alexis McAllister – 7
controls the tempo of the game in the middle of the field. Ready to hire a contractor to replace Trent who is injured and unable to play today.

Curtis Jones – 7
In the beginning, his role with the team was not much in the offensive game. But in the second half he was more involved with the team, along with being the one who scored the equalizer who had the luck of the ball ricocheting and changing the entrance to the goal.

Ryan Gravenburch – 6
Had some nice moments and almost scored early in the second half. But other than that, there wasn’t much they could do. It’s quite easy to lose the ball in this game.

Harvey Elliott – 6
Trying to help shape the attack in the middle of the field. along with helping to connect the ball to the game on the left side But today he still couldn’t do much until the beginning of the second half and he was substituted.

Luis Diaz – 6
tries to use his agility to play on the left side. But today, there is little space behind the line, making it difficult for the visiting team’s defenders to be surrounded by defenders.

Diogo Jota – 7
received the opportunity to enter the field as a starter. Try to drop down and help shape the game. There were some nice moments with the ball, but the finishing moments still didn’t hit the mark.


Darwin Nuñez (replacing Gravenburch in the 56th minute) – 8
came on and was heavily involved in the offensive game. Had the opportunity to both shoot and pass, got 2 assists from passes to Jones and Kakpo to shoot in, and almost scored in this game but still couldn’t get past Leno.

Cody Gakpo (replacing Elliott in the 56th minute) – 7
Didn’t play with the ball much. But today he was famous for scoring the winning goal from a focused shot into the penalty area.