Liverpool 0-3 Atalanta: Collected after the UEFA Europa League game, the Reds thrashed at Anfield.

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  • Liverpool lost at home to Atalanta 0-3 in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals, first leg.
  • Everything for the Reds today was below standard.
  • The important question is Will I continue or will this be enough?
Liverpool 0-3 Atalanta: Collected after the UEFA Europa League game, the Reds thrashed at Anfield.

Klopp underestimates Atalanta

This match, Jurgen Klopp decided to rest several key players in order to preserve their physical condition. But that turned out to be a mistake. Because Liverpool’s reserves in this ทางเข้า ufabet game were clearly unable to resist a team of Atalanta’s level, using Tsimikas and Gomez as two backs. In addition to the loose defense. The offensive game was almost useless. stark Plus, when it’s pressed high, it can’t fix the place. And the important thing is to rest both Mo Salah and Luis Diaz at the same time and send Kakpo and Elliott to stand on the wings. Which makes the visiting team’s defense not have to worry about much. Only the backs on both sides were able to concentrate on making a counter-attacking game that was effective. It must be said that this game really underestimates competitors like Atalanta too much.

Tips for the sharpest counter attack game.

In this game, the visitors have a clear strategy. Which is to play calmly and wait for Liverpool’s mistakes, which they used to press high until today. The Reds were almost unable to make it losing the ball easily, throwing long and carelessly. Until in the end they made a mistake. Missed by Atalanta’s highlight in this game is their sharpness in finishing, which if opened up is lost. The answer is that it’s always finished. Play the ball in the gaps, find free space easily. But get the idea smoothly, as if there is nothing, but after a while the ball is at the bottom of the net, something like that.

The defensive game is leaky and the offensive game is blind.

To blame luck alone would be too much for the performance of Liverpool’s offensive game today, who were barely able to penetrate into the final area. But when he had the opportunity. He shot the fishing birds, including Darwin Nuñez, who had fully returned to his original form with at least two single close-range shots but went out of bounds in an ugly way, as well as Mo Salah, who got a decisive finish. In the frame, he didn’t pass the block of Jota Van Dijk, who had a chance to score a header. But it was completely out of the way. Part of which must be praised by Atalanta’s defense, which played so calmly and disciplined that the Reds had almost no space and time in the box to play properly.

Not only was the attacking game blind. But today the defense of the home team leaked like a different team with a lack of precision in passing the ball in setting up the game. Plus, there was a mistake in standing in the position, one person pushing high and the other hanging low. Spreading so loosely that he was easily stabbed through the gaps. It was a play that would definitely be tiring if he could play like this in the away game against Bergamo next week.

Is it a good idea to release Joy?

If it were any other team, the first leg got 3 goals at home, it might be better to release Joy and focus on another cup. Liverpool themselves are in such a situation where they are in a dilemma, what should they do with this cup that they are currently playing? At first there was not much focus. But mainly from other programs, including the FA Cup, which has already been eliminated, and the Premier League, which has lost its leader. Sometimes winning the Europa championship can help heal the mind. But let’s get this messed up first. Plus, the second match has to travel to Italy. Even though they had won there 0-5 a few years ago. But it’s not that easy to do again.

That’s why the question is whether Klopp will still force a big team in the hope of qualifying for next week’s round or not. But that would probably come at the cost of having the main players fight hard continuously in both league and cup football. Because if you’re hoping for a miracle from a substitute whose condition doesn’t look like this, I’d say it’s better to turn off the lights and go to bed.