Campbell urges Arsenal to sign Van de Beek

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Former Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell urged Arsenal to sign Donny van de Beek in January after a lack of transfer to Donny van de Beek. Opportunity to play for Manchester United.

A great performance with Ajax Amsterdam, Donny van de Beek immediately became a fragrant player. Especially Real Madrid and Manchester United. But It was Manchester United successfully. Brought Donny van de Beek to join the team with the expectation of raising the midfield of the team. It seems to be just a backup only.

Although Manchester United’s midfielder has problems. The main one is not performing well. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has not sent Donny van de Beek into the field anyway. Causing news about the transfer of the team. Started out immediately. Now there are many teams that are ready to make an offer for Manchester United to consider immediately. Especially Arsenal are aiming for Donny van de Beek to join the team. Most recently it is K Win Campbell urged Arsenal to bring Donny van de Beek to the team.

I want the best for Arsenal. Donny van de Beek can definitely play for Arsenal as a great player plus Donny van de. Beck is also a talented player most importantly. He can play in any position in midfield. It a defensive midfielder box-to-box or an attacking midfielder. I’m confident that if Arsenal successfully bring Donny van de Beek to join the team. It will raise a lot of midfield.