Carsley urges Balokan to move to another team

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England Under-21s manager Lee Carsley has urged Folarin Balokan to move to another club on loan in order to continue playing in the starting XI as he stays at Arsenal. Not playing well.

Although Arsenal is a team that focuses on young players,. It is not an easy task for young players to squeeze in the main line. Folarin Balokan is known as a great young player. Still unable to squeeze into the main body of Arsenal until the news of the transfer of the team continues. It is a team from the League Championship that seems to want Folarin Balokan. Join the team, but in the end it was Arsenal who decided to reject every offer that came in.

In addition, Arsenal have also offered a new contract to Folarin Balokan to confirm that Folarin Balokan is still a key player for Arsenal, but the Folarin Balokan’s continued absence from the starting XI has had a huge impact on the development of Folarin Balokan, which Lee Carsley suggested to Folarin Balokan. Moved from Arsenal to have the opportunity to play in the starting line continuously, with Lee Carsley interviewed.

“Folarin Balokan wants to play at a high level because at the youth level it seems easy for him and Folarin Balokan hopes to play for Arsenal’s first team, but the Squeezing out as Arsenal’s mainstay is not an easy task with so much competition, so it’s no surprise that Folarin Balokan wants to leave Arsenal for the chance. on the field continuously.”