Frexa urges Barcelona to bring in Ronaldo

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Former Barcelona chairman Tony Frexa has urged Barcelona to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo following reports that Cristiano Ronaldo looks set to part ways with Manchester United.

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo has reached the end of his footballing career. His performance on the pitch has been outstanding. It has also won the Manchester United Player of the Year award. But with the overall performance of Manchester United is considered very poor. It is likely to miss a ticket to the UEFA Champions League as well. If still unable to get his own good form back. Causing news about the transfer of Chris’ team Stiano Ronaldo immediately started coming out.

There are many teams that want Cristiano Ronaldo to join the team to strengthen their attack. Barcelona one of the teams interested in Cristiano. Ronaldo is the same because he is currently having problems with the attacking game. Plus the main one has an injury to play and almost does not play. Barcelona will pull Cristiano Ronaldo joining the team is definitely not an easy task because Cristiano Ronaldo is considered a legend of Real Madrid.

But Tony Frexa recommends that Barcelona bring Cristiano Ronaldo to the team in order to surprise all fans. Even if it is not an easy task. Cristiano Ronaldo has also denied rumors of a move away from Manchester United. Confirmed he will stay at Manchester United even though the team’s overall results are not very promising. how satisfied