‘Golden Spurs Chicken’ refuses to lose ‘Ken’, throwing in wages to tempt him to stay

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Spurs still hope to keep Harry Kane at the club. By submitting a new contract with an increase in wages from the original a lot. But Bayern Munich tried hard to grab it.

The Guardian, a good country media, reported that Tottenham Hotspur. An English Premier League club, has offered a new contract with considerable wages for Harry Kane. A good striker to stay with. next team After the original contract will expire in the middle of next year. And this time the player is heavily linked with Bayern Munich giants of the German Bundesliga who want to add to the front.

'Golden Spur Chicken' refuses to lose 'Ken', throwing in wages to tempt him to stay

The 29-year-old striker has a wage of around 200,000 pounds per week, or about 8.8 million baht, at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and he is being the target of many clubs, especially the Southern Tigers . The first is about 60 million pounds, or about 2,701 million baht. But still not satisfied with the golden spur chicken , so it gets knocked off the table. But they are preparing to submit a second round soon. 

German media reports indicate that Thomas Tuchel, the head of the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team in Bavaria. has now flown to England to meet with Ken at his home in London. The players also want to join. However, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy does not want to sell the player and risk losing it for free next summer. If the player does not renew the contract

Recently, the elite media stated that Spurs had tried to offer a new contract for their England star, and although the details were not disclosed. But they have improved his £200,000-a-week salary terms. to increase a lot. To hope that the players will change their mind and sign a new contract and stay a legend of the team.

In addition, Levy is confident he can persuade Kane to stay in north London. Not only with increased salaries But also the promise and the ambition. At the new manager, Ange Postecogglu, given to the club as well, while the Daily Mail reports that Bayern is preparing to increase the price to 80 million pounds, along with add-ons in the second round of proposals.