Italy’s weak form northern ireland in the World Cup qualifying round

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Italy is still unable to win tickets to the World Cup final. in Qatar At the end of next year, they can dominate after they can only attack. Northern Ireland 0-0 in the World Cup qualifiers European Zone C final match on Monday 15 November ago.

The result of this match made the “Azzurri” team finished second in Group C with 16 points from eight matches. Showing good form at home, hitting Bulgaria 4-0, won the group championship with 18 points, ready to win tickets to play in the World Cup final, while Italy still have to win in the play-off round. Which will kick off in March next year

In addition, Italy, the last European champion team, also failed to clear the mystery. They never beat Northern Ireland at home, where they went four times, winning 0, drawing 1, losing 3.

However, Roberto Mancini, the Italian coach. Still confident that his team will be able to win tickets to the World Cup in the play-off round. Ready to confirm the goal is to win the world championship in Qatar

“Now we have to prepare for the games in March. We will kick off the playoffs with confidence. Which I am sure that my team will definitely go to the World Cup. And our goal is to win the World Cup,” said Roberto Mancini.