Lindelof not worried about Manchester United’s poor form

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Manchester United’s Swedish defender Victor Lindelof is unconcerned by Manchester United’s poor performance. He is confident Manchester United will return to form great again.

After doing quite satisfactory results in the past two seasons. Especially in the English Premier League. Which is far from success. It’s been a long time and the last time Manchester United won the English Premier League has to go as far back as the 2012/13 season. Fans can still expect Manchester United’s success in the 2021/22 season.

Although at the beginning of the season Manchester United performed very well with a series of victories. But after that it began to show signs of deterioration. Recently Manchester United fell out of the area. They are likely to miss the English Premier League championship again. A very disappointing performance. Although it should be can do better.

But Victor Lindelof is not worried about Manchester United’s poor form. It is confident the team’s situation will improve again with Victor Linde. Alof said in an interview. It is very normal for the media to write a full statement if Manchester United’s performance does not go as expected. Which is very normal in football. There have been good times and bad times where everyone in the team is not at all worried about the current bad results. Our duty is to give our best to get back on track visit again.