McManaman urges Real Madrid to sign Pogba

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Former Real Madrid midfielder Steve McManaman has urged Real Madrid to bring in Paul Pogba as a replacement. The key player has reached the end of his career plus Paul Pogba. He is also a great footballer.

Indeed, Paul Pogba is likely to part with Manchester United with his contract expiring at the end of the 2021/22 season, although Manchester United are keen to extend Paul Pogba’s contract further. But Paul Pogba has yet to agree to a new contract and if it is still like this Paul Pogba can move the team in advance for free immediately. Which now many teams are interested in him Paul Pogba.

Real Madrid are one of the teams that are interested in Paul Pogba. They are ready to tear up unlimited wages if they do not have to pay Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United. Which Steve McManaman also advised Real Madrid to consider bringing in Paul Pogba, with Steve McManaman saying: “It’s easy for Real Madrid to bring Paul Pogba. The team because he is out of contract and Real Madrid don’t have to risk much.

“Obviously, having Paul Pogba in the squad will help to enhance the squad a lot. The Real Madrid midfielder is starting to reach the end of his career. Whether it’s Luka Mod. Rich Toni Kroos or Casemiro so Real Madrid are probably looking for a new midfielder. Paul Pogba would be a good fit for Real Madrid. Negotiations with the players are unlikely. It must have been so difficult with a contract that was about to expire.”