Mourinho’s prediction comes true after Roma win over Feyenoord

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho’s prediction came true after the Roma side triumphed over Feyenoord in the Europa League quarter-finals. last night

UEFA Europa League football match, quarter-final at Stadio Olimpico, Italy, “Roma” meets “Feyenoord” team, it appears that the home team takes the lead 1-0 minutes before 60th from Leonardo Spinazzola’s goal Later, in the 80th minute, Feyenoord came to a 1-1 equalizer from Igor Paisau, but in the 89th minute, Roma got a goal. Paulo Dybala’s 2-1 lead made it 2-2 on aggregate, requiring 30 minutes of extra time. Roma scored twice from Stefan El Shaarawy and Lorenzo Pellek. Rini ended the 120 minutes with a 4-1 win and advanced 4-2 on aggregate, and it was Mourinho’s 12th European semi-final in 20 years.

Mourinho's prediction comes true after Roma win over Feyenoord

         After the UFABET game, Dybala revealed that Mourinho had correctly predicted Roma’s Europa League quarter-finals. whether to have extra time “I think everyone knows Mourinho, his history, what he has done in Europe. and all the clubs he worked with I think he won something. His thoughts fuel you. He knew the game could end up like this and pushed us to give it more, ” he told Sky Sport Italia. “He changed the tactics. We started playing better and dominated the game in extra-time for a well-deserved victory. I think we all want to win which is the most important thing. We have a coach with an amazing heart.

         “He told us the game was going to be like that and he was absolutely right. This team won the conference championship. league last season So they know what it takes to win a title. Now we hope to go all the way in the Europa League. “A stadium full of 65,000 people helps a lot. They keep pushing and so do we. I was a little scared when they could equalize. But we kept going and made the game ours in extra time.

Mourinho lauded his side for the character they showed as they came from 2-1 down on aggregate to secure a stunning win. The legendary manager also revealed the content of a team chat he had with his players leading up to their qualification. “This team has values. Maybe someone thinks differently. The team played very well. It’s a difficult game to play and manage. But someone with intelligence and determination will do a great job against very good teams. But we are superior. 

         Dybala appeared to lack confidence during his senior year at Juventus, and Mourinho rejuvenated him at the Stadio. How is the Olympico? “My feeling is that he is seeking lost happiness rather than confidence. He found this here. With a team that understands him, a crowd that loves him, a position on the pitch that includes players like Pellegrini, Cristante and Mancini, he has strong personalities around him in his role as a team player. Leader” ” Dybala is a good boy. He has the quality to play for the biggest club in the world. But he found happiness here. I gave him complete freedom to play tonight. And he might have to leave if he doesn’t have the energy to play, but he played 30 minutes of extra time and 25 minutes of regular time. and finish with a feeling of happiness and excitement.”