Nani urges Bruno to join Manchester United

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Orlando City’s Portuguese winger Nani has revealed talks with Bruno Fernandes helped him make the decision to move to Manchester United despite interest from Manchester United. Terry City and Tottenham Hotspur.

His excellent performance at Sporting Lisbon. Bruno Fernandes has attracted the attention of many teams. Especially English Premier League teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City. Including Tottenham Hotspur but in the end. It was Manchester United successfully brought in Bruno Fernandes. Bruno Fernandes came in Raised the midfield of Manchester United a lot. Almost led Manchester United to win the championship as well.

Bruno Fernandes has emerged as a key figure at Manchester United. Nani revealed that there were discussions with Bruno Fernandes when he was about to leave. Transferred and advised Bruno Fernandes to move to Manchester United despite the fact that Manchester City.

I recommend him to move to Manchester United because it’s the team that suits Bruno Fernandes the best. Which I’ve talked to with Bruno Fernandes in the past. There have been reports that Manchester City. I’d recommend Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United if he does. I want to move the team.