Rangnick admits Manchester United are too far away from Manchester City

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Manchester United’s German manager Ralph Rangnick has admitted that Manchester United are still far from Manchester City and will take several years to be at the top of the list. that point

Although the statistics that come together between Manchester United and Manchester City will always take turns losing and winning, but if compared to success, it is Manchester City who have swept a lot of trophies over the years. Last year was wrong with Manchester United ended the season empty-handed for several years in a row. Plus in the 2021/22 season, Manchester United are almost unmatched with Manchester City and the first match. That met, it was Manchester City who came to win first.

Continuing to the latest match, it is Manchester City who have performed much better and closed the game quickly. Causing Manchester City’s chances of winning the English Premier League to start higher than Manchester. United, which is likely to slip out of the top four as well, with Ralph Rangnick admits that Manchester United are still far behind Manchester City and that it will take many more years than Manchester. United will return to that point again.

Personally, I was quite satisfied with the performance of the players in the last match before quickly conceding goals. Although we achieved the equalizer. But we missed the UFABET goal again. Making the situation worse. Continuing until the second half. It was scored to 2 goals. Making everything over and having to admit. We are still a lot of distance from Manchester City. But we have to focus fully on the next match that is going It will come and we hope to win it.