Rangnick confirms that he is ready to meet with Newcastle

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick insists the main players are ready to feature in their next match against Newcastle. The exception of Paul Pogba, who is yet to recover hurt.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Manchester United are out for weeks because they are in a high-risk group. There is a chance of infecting other team players if they are forced to play. The team had to separate training first to maintain a complete physical condition. Now the situation is resolved, plus Manchester United‘s training ground is open for players to come to practice successfully. Which the main players Many people are still able to practice as usual.

And the fact that Manchester United has lost many games like this. It leaves the team behind in the top four areas. With Manchester United’s main goal is to win a ticket to the UEFA Champions League. Plus the latest Ralph Rangnick confirmed that all key players are ready to play against New Castle United.

Although there are many players who have not come to report, but I don’t have any problems because the situation at the moment is not normal and most recently. All the players have come to train to prepare for the UFABET game. That is Paul Pogba is healing abroad and everyone seems to have improved and ready to play. completely in the next match.