Sauguett insists he is fully prepared for the San Marino national team.

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England manager Gareth Saugett insists England are ready to go into their next match against San Marino to guarantee qualification at the World Cup. Although they are still leading. Ranked 1st in the group.

The England national team is a team guaranteed to make it to the World Cup final every time. A very strong squad and being drawn to a team that is not that strong means England’s chances of qualifying for the next round. It has gone very high. Also spelled the loss of not even a single match from all nine games in the group stage. Now that England has qualified for the finals successfully. It is not guaranteed to be 1st in the group. After missing 2 draws.

The last game of the group stage of the England national team was found to be comfortable. Because it had to visit the national team of San Marino. Which is now unable to win even a single match. Lose all the matches that go into the field where the team. The England national team should have won until they sent a substitute onto the field. But Gareth Southgate insisted that the England national team is ready to send the main one into the field in full to collect the victory only. Even if the opposite side is The underdog team is the national team of San Marino.

We need to perform well. We have to make sure we can get the win. Because we are not guaranteed to qualify for the next round and the next match has a lot of fans who came to cheer. We too, so we have to show all the fans how great we are and we are definitely going to give our best.