Wright accepts that White admits that he has never watched football.

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Ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright admits Ben White was brave enough to say he never watched football. He has now performed brilliantly and helped Arsenal. Came up to the 5th position of the scoreboard successfully.

All professional players tend to watch football. They have their own role models as inspiration before becoming a professional player. Ben White is an exception as he admits that he never watched football as a professional player. Like this he has little time to watch football. His main duty is to play football only. Which Ben White’s performance with Arsenal is considered excellent. Although in the early days of the transfer. He was somewhat disrespected. One that is as high as 50 million pounds.

And Arsenal’s first 3 matches in the English Premier League season 2021/22 still can’t win even a single match and misses all 3 defeats in a row, the most important thing is Arsenal being shot With nine goals, Ben White immediately became a target of criticism, but after Gabriel Magalles returned to the field, Arsenal’s performance began to improve and Ben White returned. Come to do an excellent job again and help Arsenal continue to collect unbeaten statistics continuously.

Which Ian Wright admires Ben White, who dares to admit the fact that he doesn’t watch football much, but his performance on the field is excellent and helps Arsenal keep the unbeaten record by Ian Wright. The interview said: “I personally like that Ben White has accepted the fact that he doesn’t watch football and that he knows how to deal with what comes in but his performance on the pitch with Gabriel Magalles. It’s great and I can also feel that Ben White comes on the field with a lot of confidence.”